The time is ripe: Login Alliance in digital change

Consulting and IT services for digital transformation are gaining momentum

21. September 2023


When it was founded in 2017, the Login Alliance consisted of three German IAM companies. 6 years – that’s a reason to celebrate. Because the Login Alliance is expanding with new members from the EU and UK. The offering is becoming more international. There are now also transatlantic customers who use the SaaS services and advice around Keycloak.

Increased security requirements through digitalization

Syntlogo’s managing director Dr. Giovanni Baruzzi sees it this way: “Due to the sharp increase in the use of https-based applications, user access is largely being shifted to the Internet. This requires the highest level of security for all identity-based processes, as these are exposed to many cyber threats on the global network. In addition to security and data protection, the operators of protected Internet applications should make processes easier for the user. This requires in-depth knowledge of identity management. We support our customers in mastering their challenges in the area of digitalization.”

The Login Alliance is becoming more international

Anita Muganda and Zoltan Keviczky bring over 45 years of experience in International Programme Management, Strategy Development and Execution, IAM, IGA Policy and Framework, Zero Trust, M&A, Data Protection & Migration Strategy and Implementation to the Alliance.  In addition, Ahmed Errabah will strengthen Login Alliance with a solid focus on IAM Architecture and Solution Development.

End-to-end expertise in Identity & Access Management

The IAM expert network therefore offers advice and services, including Identity as a Services, from the conception phase through implementation and post-launch operations. Customers looking for a reliable and trusted partner can be sure to receive the best personalised advice for their needs, including the right offer to outsource their identity services. In addition to Identity as a Service, the Login Alliance also works in the KRITIS area. Outsourcing is less in demand there, but there is even more demand for advice in the area of self-hosting IAM solutions, such as Keycloak.


About Login Alliance:

The Login Alliance was founded by three IAM companies in 2017 with the aim of enabling internet application operators to provide more security for their users and more efficient IAM processes.

Initially the network focused on IAM advisory and on the modular IAM software Login-Master. From the beginning, the basis was the open source software Keycloak, which forms Login-Master with ready-made IAM components. The offering for strategic Keycloak consulting (infrastructures, high availability, hardening) has been systematically expanded in recent years, as have the two Identity-as-a-Service offerings with Keycloak and Login-Master.

Due to increased demand from European and non-European countries, the Login Alliance has adapted its offering. In addition, medium-sized customers in particular need advice that provides suitable concepts and IT security solutions for their digitalization.

About Syntlogo:

Syntlogo has existed for more than 20 years and, at the beginning of its founding, was specifically dedicated to IAM consulting. In recent years, Syntlogo has been providing strategic consulting in IAM-Infrastructure and Access Governance. With the open source software Keycloak, Syntlogo can look back on a success story from which Syntlogo customers benefit greatly for their digitalization.

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