State-of-the-Art Customer Identity & Access Management: Log in and beyond

Adaptable access management, user administration and single sign-on

Login Master is a customer identity and access management solution that is based on the Open Source software KeyCloak. We have created added value for you from this.

We offer you KeyCloak know-how. Based on this, the entire range of additional functions in all areas of identity and access management (IAM).

The innovative thing is that the user administration is separated from the application itself. Everything remains transparent, adaptable and scalable to you. Identification and management of internal and external users a million times over, innovative design of the access rights and seamless integration in your organisation – Login Master has mastered this.

IAM solutions from Login Alliance – so that you can securely identify yourself

Login Master, the software solution of Login Alliance, offers three editions and innovative modules that are specifically tailored to CIAM (Customer and Identity & Access Management) and B-to-B applications.

Do you want also manage accesses to your Web applications more easily, more cost-effectively, in a more time-saving and secure way?

Visit us online at, – where you can find everything that you need for user management in the Internet. Login Master quite easily manages the accesses of business contacts to your internal applications – with the highest security that you expect. In the process, our solution completely meets the requirements of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Part of the extended versions of Login Master is the innovative role management concept SecuRole®. You didn’t count on this – we offer you a small revolution in the area of role management. Do you know RBAC and its limits? Then you certainly want a more streamlined solution that can be very easily combined with your internal and external (Web) applications. If we have piqued your curiosity, then take a look at SecuRole®, the innovative role management.

Because, all things considered, it’s all about trust.

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