The challenges of IAM ...

Every large organisation must be able to create and manage its users and their access rights. Today this task is usually carried out by using a number of single-purpose systems. A consistent, enterprise-wide, efficient architecture is still missing. To make this architecture become a reality is the task of Identity & Access Management. IAM is already a must and in future it will become increasingly important, due to the growing complexity of modern IT infrastructures. However, IAM also poses a few challeges:

  1. IAM is not only┬ácomplex: id dosen’t allow any error or gaps. Either it works always flawlessly or it is useless.
  2. More than any other IT area, IAM is tightly linked to the company structure with its hierarchies, departments and business processes. Without understanding in full these structures and processes it is impossible to implement a properly working IAM.
  3. Because of its history, the IAM sector is still today quite fragmented. There is not yet a standardised enterprise-wide and comprehensive solution.

… and we rise to it

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