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How to easily protect your digital assets.

KeyCloak is an Open Source software from RedHat, which is based on OpenID-Connect and SAML standards.
It manages the accesses and passwords of the users of Internet applications according to the single sign-on method. The identity and access management solution is programmed in Java and runs independently of the applications that are to be protected in order to setup user accesses for them. The applications themselves only have to be changed minimally for this.

Via KeyCloak, it is possible to map out automated and centralised authentication and authorisation of the users. The software provides great flexibility in this. And it can also act as an identity broker for logins over social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google,…). In addition, it also supports authentication against

  • an Active Directory
  • an LDAP server, or
  • via the Kerberos network protocol.

Over and above the pure access control by means of an access token, information on the user can be passed to the application through an identity token. The identity and permissions of a user can be transferred through this token, a JSON Web Token (JWT).

In addition KeyCloak also manages accesses to multiple applications and the related permissions. This simplifies the user administrator and reduces the administration work.

How we create digital added value with KeyCloak

Due to these benefits, we work with this IAM solution. We continuously expand know-how in it. We have specific knowledge, and knowledge that was acquired in practice, in order to implement, expand and use KeyCloak. Above and beyond the related Java programming, we can also provide interfaces to .NET programmed applications.

With our partner company intension, we expand KeyCloak into a comprehensive identity and access management solution: Login Master. In addition to innovative role management, we also thought about delegated administration and enhanced our solution with it.
Through the additional linking of external partners to internal applications, the B-to-B business becomes a secure and efficient undertaking.

In summary, we have created added value for you. We offer you KeyCloak know-how, and based on this, the entire range of additional functions in all areas of identity and access management (IAM).

Are you looking for experts for KeyCloak single sign-on? Then contact us. And visit us online at – where you can find everything that you need for user management in the Internet.


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