Who we are

Syntlogo was established in 2001 by a team of highly skilled IT experts from several countries.

From the very beginning we have focused exclusively on Identity & Access Management.

At that time single processes and methods, such as user access data, authorization or PKI were already in use, that’s true. But an enterprise-wide architecture for user and access management was the vision of just a few specialists. We shared this vision and were firmly convinced that IAM would play a key role in every major organization. And the facts have proven us right.

Today, we can demonstrate a clear know-how and expertise lead, that we continuously expand d through research, training and implementation of demanding projects. Even more important: we know how IAM will develop and always deliver to our customers solutions that will meet the requirement of the future.

Our customers are large organization from all sectors, including finance, utilities, manufacturing and telco. To them we offer the entire range of project services: requirements analysis, selection of the most appropriate technologies, integration of products from different vendors, implementation. In addition, we develop tailored solutions that cannot be built through the use of standard products only.

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