We are adapting – the new Syntlogo website

7. February 2018

With the new Syntlogo website, we are now up-to-date. We have continued to develop, and therefore we have given a new face to our digital image – both the content as well as the graphics. Besides the consulting business, we have boosted our development know-how in the Java and .NET area. Not only that. In cooperation with other experts, we now offer a streamlined and simultaneously modern solution for user management in the Internet as well as innovative role management as a Login Alliance. With these solutions, you are up-to-date when it comes to security – completely in accordance with GDPR requirements. And your business partners will appreciate the simplicity of these solutions. While you lean back comfortably, the “Delegated Administration” module and our Roles Shop ensure that your business runs securely.

Find out more about Syntlogo, Login Master and SecuRole®. Contact us or write us a message. We are looking forward to your identity management tasks – whether for single sign-on, user federation, role management,…

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