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30. April 2017

Today, more and more business is being conducted over the Internet, and that is a great advantage to many companies. That way, even medium-sized firms can reach an almost unlimited number of customers with affordable investments.

However, any innovation also comes with challenges. The number of users of an online platform and the resulting administration work can be very high and decisively diminish the benefits of a business model over the Internet. In addition, complex requirements arise in the area of data protection and for access permissions due to the potentially high number of users.

And don’t forget that customers don’t allow rules to be imposed on them. User-friendliness and the related customer satisfaction is the top priority in CIAM (Customer Identity & Access Management).

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Specialists found partnership to market Login Master

After successful project cooperation, the two specialists Syntlogo (www.syntlogo.de) and inTension (www.intension.de) recognised the new requirements and founded an initiative with the declared objective of meeting these demands: the Login Alliance.

The Login Alliance offers everything that is necessary for the successful implementation of IAM applications: consulting, project services and Login Master; hence a comprehensive, flexible and affordable software solution. Login Master contains all the functions for the CIAM sector and B-to-B applications. For internal IAM, the role management package is an innovative alternative to the role management concepts that have been popular so far.

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